Farley Anderson

"Hope from the Book of Revelation;
The Last of the Last Days"

Farley Merril Anderson, age fifty-two, lives in the beautiful mountain community of Paradise, Utah . Happily married to his loving and supportive wife, Helen, for over twenty-eight years, he is the father of eleven children. For the past ten years much of his passion and work has centered on the concepts and principles of his book, The Restoration of the Republic.

His previous books are Nature’s Answer- Replenish the Earth, and The Book of Revelation Today.  He also scripted and produced a documentary movie about civil defense.

Problems with our current political system were witnessed first-hand as his father, Hartley Anderson, made an unsuccessful bid for the U.S. Senate.  Farley has continued on that path and been very active in church, civic, community, and family affairs.  He has held many volunteer church positions, especially involving teaching both youth and adults, and has also held many positions within the Boy Scouting organization. He conducted primary agricultural research and was Vice President of a family-owned nutritional products company.  Currently he is the President of Liberty and Preparedness, Inc.; a non-profit corporation that promotes public awareness and individual liberty.

In the capacity of author he has delivered more than 100 free lectures in Utah and western states and is a strong advocate for freedom, personal responsibility, and the creative process he believes can preserve American greatness. He has been also been a very popular speaker on the circuit with the National Health Foundation.

His hobbies have included scuba diving, adopting, training and writing about mustang horses, hiking, and enjoying the scenic beauty of America.  He is interested in all things historical (especially biographical) and in seeking to understand and incorporate great truths, both political and religious, that are our heritage.