Arlene K. Butler

“Preparing and Protecting the Saints in the Last Days”

Arlene K. Butler spent seven years compiling 3 books of quotes from the scriptures, prophets and apostles on last day subjects. She will share what she has learned to help us have a better understanding of prophesied last day events and how we can be prepared. She will discuss warnings, the Lord's timetable, our role in events, Satan's weapons, and safety and protection in the last days.

Twenty years ago while living in California she started researching the last days. This led to the compilation of three large books of quotes from apostles and prophets including scriptures that took seven years to research. 

She has taught numerous seminars on emergency preparation and home organization. She is a USU master gardener and field editor for Taste of Home magazine and has won numerous national cooking awards.

Arlene was born and raised in Ogden, Utah, and is married to David; a mechanical design engineer.  They have five children and 4 grandchildren.