Saturday, May 22, 2010

Logan, Utah -- 1:00-5:30 p.m.

Purpose: To Strengthen Home and Family and Defend Freedom --
in Preparation for the Second Coming and Millennial Reign.

A  Seminar entitled "...To Prepare My People", will be held on Saturday, May 22, 2010, at the Logan Tabernacle in Logan, Utah from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (with an optional dinner at the Coppermill Restaurant from 5:45-7:00) for individuals 14 and older.  Attire: Nice Dress

Disclaimer: This seminar has been organized by a group of concerned citizens who love the Lord and feel strongly about preserving the family and defending freedom.  This is not an LDS church sponsored event and is not endorsed by the church.  However, the speakers will be presenting their personal testimonies based on LDS gospel principles and messages will be geared to the LDS audience.

Schedule  (For information about topic click on Presenter's Name)

12:00 Building Open: Seminar is FREE so all can attend but $5.00 suggested DONATION at door would be appreciated to cover expenses.
1:00-1:10Welcome and Introductions:
Opening Hymn: 
1:10-2:10Hope from the Book of Revelation, Farley Anderson
2:10-2:55Preparing and Protecting the Saints, Arlene K. Butler
3:10-4:10Peace Through Principles,  Janet Ashcroft Summit
4:10-5:10The Lord's Cause of Liberty, Scott Bradley


Questions and Answers;  Audience and Presenters 

Dinner at the Coppermill Restaurant with the presenters for any interested persons ($13.00 payment due at beginning of seminar

BOOKS and other MATERIALS available for purchase after seminar or at The Coppermill Restaurant during dinner.
Background for the Seminar 

Over the past several years I've attended many seminars and classes on 'Temporal Preparedness'. Heeding that counsel has greatly contributed to my knowledge, understanding, temporal well-being and ... peace. Most of those events focused on physical preparations.

Last October I felt compelled to do something that would focus more on 'Spiritual Preparedness' in the Last Days. What started small has turned into something much larger than myself leading to the feeling that One much wiser has helped in the effort.

We formed a planning committee of like-minded and wonderful souls, who have spent their life's work in studying, preparing, and striving to be obedient to true principles they've learned.

We hope that this event will draw those who are: interested in the signs of the times, aware that things are happening quickly, desirous to be obedient and to bless and help others', and....who want to join together to hear speakers who are willing to share their wisdom.

The reminder is that our "Hope" in these last days is ....capitalized.